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What is an "Heirloom Landing Net"

An Heirloom Landing Net is simply put, a fishing net. However, similar to those who call a bobber a strike indicator, the fly fishing community has a few different terms for their gear. The term heirloom simply indicates that this is something that is built to last and be passed down for generations.


Are these nets waterproof?

All of our nets are coated in penetrating oil which seals and protects the wood. Similar to a cutting board, the net is not intended to be completely submerged in water for hours at a time, however it is intended to be used in the elements for a lifetime without any concern of delamination or degradation. We recommend wiping down the net and storing in a dry place when not in use. The best location would be above your mantle for all to see. ;)

How  do I place an order?

We want to make the perfect net for you! Please reach out in the "contact us" tab so we can determine what characteristics would fit all of your design needs. 


All pricing is based on design complexity, wood species and overall net size and length. 

What kind of dog do you own? 

Kona is a golden doodle, full of energy, and an OK hunting dog but a GREAT fishing dog ;) 

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