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Our Story

Meyers Outdoors was founded in 2021, however it's name has evolved through generations of family engaging in hunting, fishing and woodworking. Growing up around a family of deer hunters, turkey hunters, fisherman, gardeners and just about every other outdoor recreation, created the passion for living the lifestyle rather than just enjoying the sport. Woodworking came into play from my Grandfather who was an entrepreneur always trying to create something new, either through his paintings or his woodworking. Hunting and fishing was inspired by my father who passed down the skills and appreciation for wildlife. The first Meyers Net ever made was from my grandfather's woodshop around fifty years ago. It was designed from an instructional out of a woodworking magazine. Now, after two generations, the Meyers Net continues it's legacy along with the pursuit to build a lifestyle of outdoor living and family. 

Our workshop is located in southwest Michigan, where we can enjoy all seasons of fishing and hunting. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about myself and my family. I hope one of our designs will bring you and your family a lifetime of memories and of course, traditions in the outdoors. 

Jake Meyers


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